#LiMA15 | 21.09. - 26.09.2015 - PREVIEW


Battling Big Business

Eveline Lubbers | Spinwatch

Eveline Lubbers is an independent investigator with the Undercover Research Group and Spinwatch.org.

As one of the founders of buro Jansen & Janssen in the 1980s her life developed bouncing in the triangle of activism, policy work for NGOs, investigative reporting, and

  • of late - academic research (PhD University of Stirling, Glasgow, Research fellow University of Bath 2011-2015) .

She is the contributing editor of 'Battling Big Business, Countering greenwash, front groups and other forms of corporate deception' (2002), and the author of 'Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark, Corporate and Police Spying on Activists' (2012)

[http://www.evel.nl/pandora/bbb.htm] [http://SecretManoeuvres.org] [http://UndercoverResearch.net] [http://TobaccoTactics.org]