#LiMA15 | 21.09. - 26.09.2015 - PREVIEW


Eveline Lubbers | Spinwatch
Tag Samstag. konzernprotest.de - 2015-09-26
Raum Seminarraum 1.401
Beginn 14:00
Dauer 01:30
ID 213
Veranstaltungstyp Werkstatt Starter
Track preneur
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Battling Big Business

Countering greenwash, front groups and other forms of corporate deception

Understanding corporate deception can help people to recognize such manipulation in order to do something about it.

For my book Battling Big Business, I invited experienced activists and investigators to expose the counter-strategies which modern oil, tobacco, fast-food and high-tech industries are using against their critics: rebranding themselves as environmentally friendly; co-opting their critics; forming front groups which masquerade as citizens’ organizations; lobbying behind the scenes of governments and international agencies; suing their critics for libel; and employing private security firms to spy on, even infiltrate, the opposition.

It was only after I had finished BBB that I realised that spying was not just another set of counterstrategies, but that the gathering of intelligence precedes the development of all kinds of corporate strategies as well.

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